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You can't wait forever

X-Choreographers, TANZ IM AUGUST Berlin, 2012

“You can wait forever” was Márcio Carvalho's response to the festival X-choreographers inside the frame of Tanz im August, Berlin.

The work was based on several interviews, Márcio Carvalho produced, with journalists, photographers, lawyers, priests, hotel managers and public figures that have been living and/or working in west Berlin since more than 40 years. These interviews aimed to research the cultural, political and historical contexts of Kurfürstendamm street since the 20s until today, based on the memories of the people described previously.

The final work showcased an audio composition, of all the interviews, in a format of a “conversation”. This audio work was presented in the Kings Pub, situated in the Kurfürstendamm 210, since the 80s. Several speakers, streaming the interviews, were positioned near of the bar tables creating the environment of a bar and presenting a radio podcast, reporting news from the 20s until today. The audience travelled through time since the golden age until today, by experiencing real people conversation about historical events of the street, while Carvalho, dressed as bartender served 3 cocktails (from very sweet to very sour) that were representing a chronological narrative of Kurfürstendamm street from the 20s until today.