The performativity of performance documentation

Performance at TCCA (Temporary Centre for Contemporary Art, Queens, N.Y.)

The Performativity of Performance Documentation project creates fictional performances that exist only in documents. The pictures are published in blogs, journals and different social midias with a date, place of execution and with a reference to the photographer. The documents become the work.

A performance that exists outside its event. As if his continuity, post performance, through documents becames authonomous from the idea of its event. Thus its existence lies upon the relations and understandings people might have projected upon these documents, with multiple meanings. Echoing professor Helen Gilbert the fact that these documents are immediately connected to the real world "allows them to be treated as a piece of the real world, then as a substitute for it.” What forms of hope we project into documents? What do we learn from them? What forms of performativity exist beyond the actual thing we call performance?

Photo credits: Allen Garcia