A Meeting in Turku in 2015

Performance and research project, NEW Performance Art Turku Festival, Turku, Finland, 2015

The project A Meeting in Turku in 2015 is a reflection about the monument A Meeting in Turku in 1812, as a site of collective/public memory. Questions such as Who owns the job of deciding who stays for history and who is excluded? and Are we part of this decision making? opened the discussion and the possibility of building a permanent counter-monument (A Meeting in Turku in 2015) as a counter-memory and a possible site for continually debating the history that A Meeting in Turku in 1812 monument represents.

The process of trying to establish this permanent counter-monument together with all emails, public discussions, permit requests, live performances, exhibitions, multiple research and negotiations are all consider as The Work. The project aim to create a platform to think about the possibilities to instal a permanent counter-monument (A Meeting in 2015 in Turku) to be positioned in front of A Meeting in 1812 in Turku monument, exactly in the opposite side of the river. A Meeting in 2015 in Turku proposes to think about permanence in terms of history in the public space. How our histories become permanent through artifacts embedded in our streets and landscapes? and are we able to question and think together about monuments stories by acting upon the public space and using permanence as a tool?

Photo credits: Jussi Virkkumaa